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12:31 PM

Harmony clutched the white cotton panties Sandy had discarded before bathing and placed her free hand on the small of Sandy’s back, guiding her toward Chuck’s room.  “Let’s see if we can throw an outfit together that doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing potato sacks,” she teased.

Sandy bit her lower lip as she tautly sauntered to the room she had known as a male, apprehensive towards being seen in public in her new anatomy.

“We’ll start with the panties.  I realize they’re tight, but that’s all we have to work with right now, Sandy,” Harmony reminded Chuck of her newly chosen name.

Sandy slotted her petite feet through the apertures of the panties.  As she slid them toward her waist, she noticed they slid with less friction, thanks to the smooth nature of her freshly trimmed lower body.  The panties slotted tightly around her waist, aggressively wrapping her robust bottom. As she shifted, feeling the comfort and discomfort of the panties, she secretly wished she was back in the comfort of her male boxers.

“You look exquisite!” said Harmony as she admired Sandy’s scantily clad, beautiful female form, her breasts hanging perky and free. “Let’s see if we can accentuate those curves before we head out.”

Harmony rifled through the bag she had provided on Sunday.  She had hopelessly underestimated the final size of Sandy’s bust; none of the bras had a chance of containing her immense bosom.  She found some hope in the bottoms and t-shirts she had placed in the bag.

“Here, try these on.  They’ll be tight, but they’ll fit better than anything in your closet,” Harmony said as she handed Sandy an outfit of booty hugging capri tights and a t-shirt.  “I don’t have any shoes for you, but I do have a pair of flip flops in the car that may fit,” Harmony said, reassuring her choice in Sandy’s new outfit.

Sandy attempted to pull the shirt around her head and over her bust.  Her bosom stretched the limits of the fabric while the shirt attempted to conform to her attenuated waist.  It barely met the top of her panties.  The extreme size of her breasts didn’t allow her to pull off the braless look, her nipples protruding through the thin fabric of the t-shirt.

“Right, that’s not going to work; let’s take a different approach,” suggested Harmony. “Take off your shirt.”

Sandy looked confused, but obeyed.  She tugged at the bottom of her shirt, struggling to pull it past her breasts and finally fed her flowing hair through.  

Harmony handed Sandy another shirt, this one looked suspiciously small.  “I know it’s small, and it’ll be really tight, but we need something to hold your knockers in place. Arms up!”

Harmony fed Sandy’s hands through the arm holes of the shirt, Sandy’s lifted breasts compressed into Harmony’s perky bosom.  Harmony heaved the shirt down as it squeezed Sandy’s breasts into submission.  Sandy certainly wasn’t comfortable, but it would have to do for now.

“Now put the other shirt on,” demanded Harmony.  Sandy obliged.  The original shirt slid easily over her frame and somewhat disguised the treasures that lay beneath.

“Now it’s time for the pants,” said Harmony as she presented the lycra leggings.

“Do I really have to?  Don’t you have anything more... loose?  Less form fitting?” protested Sandy.

“None of your jeans will fit; your sweatpants are huge.  This is all we have to work with.  Now put them on,” demanded Harmony.

Sandy slowly pulled the lycra capri pants over her legs.  They hugged her thick lower limbs with incredible tension as she pulled them towards her hips.  Forcefully, she adjusted the pants over her panties.  Harmony noticed that the outlines of Sandy’s panties were easily observed through the form hugging leggings.

“Those will have to work for now.” Harmony said as her vision traced from Sandy’s thighs to her bosom.  “You look like you’re ready to work out.  I think that’ll pass for running to the shops.  Are you ready to head out?” said Harmony.

Sandy, still apprehensive, sighed, “I really don’t want to do this.”

Harmony took charge, “You’re going whether you like it or not.”

Sandy submitted to Harmony’s demands. “Fine ... I’m starving; can we get a bite to eat, first?”

“Sure thing,” said Harmony.  “My treat, where would you like to go?”

“Can we go to the farmer’s bistro down the street?  They shouldn’t be too busy and they’ve got delicious food,” said Sandy.

“The bistro it is!” said Harmony as she slapped Sandy’s ass.  Sandy was embarrassed, confused, and slightly aroused all at once.


12:55 PM

Harmony let Sandy lead the way to her car, watching Sandy’s bulbous rump canter with each step.  “You know where it is, why don’t you drive?” Said Harmony.

Chuck loved cars, and now, so did Sandy.  Sandy slipped into the driver’s seat of Harmony’s hot hatch.  She was surprised that Harmony drove a manual transmission car.  Sandy started the engine; it came to a rough, turbocharged, burbling idle.  Sandy noticed her heightened sensation of vibration through the seat.  She drove away slowly, but soon gave into her former male instincts of speed.  

“A bit of lead foot, still showing some male tendencies!” teased Harmony.


1:08 PM

They arrived at the bistro. Harmony egressed the car gracefully, making sure to shroud her womanly bits from public view as Sandy was nearly spread eagle exiting the car.  “Yep, you’ve got a lot learn,” said Harmony as she teased Sandy, observing her exit of the car.

They entered the bistro and waited in line to order lunch.  “Ladies first,” said Harmony as she motioned Sandy to order, reminding Sandy of her new gender.  A gorgeous girl was working the order counter.  The bistro had great food, but Chuck loved to come here because of his everlasting crush on this female knockout.

“I’ll take a cheddar bacon burger with chili-cheese fries and a coke,” said a blushing Sandy, her crush on the girl now forced to the back of her mind as she had more ‘pressing’ matters to deal with.  Harmony decided to wait until they were seated to scold Sandy on her rich choice of lunch.  

“I’ll have a cup of your soup of the day and half a turkey sandwich on wheat,” ordered Harmony.
“Harmony, is that you?” questioned the exotic young woman with vivid black hair from behind the counter.  Harmony didn’t recognize her accuser visually, but her voice seemed familiar.  “Harmony, it’s me, Autumn!”

A rush of memories flooded Harmony’s mind.  Autumn was the only girl to befriend her in high school.  She was the new girl that mimicked Harmony’s enormous curves who entered into school soon after Harmony’s short fling with the football team running back.  She was a welcome new friend during a time when it seemed the entire school populace was her enemy.

“Autumn?  I haven’t seen you for years!”

Harmony remembered Autumn as an awkwardly curvy and short girl.  She always displayed odd male tendencies, but had a dead-certain attraction to women.  One thing was for sure, she had blossomed and was no longer awkward.

Autumn was now a petite, dark haired vixen.  She brushed away the dangling black hair from her face, her long pony tail swinging from the back of her head.  Autumn was wearing a slightly see through white button-up blouse. It hugged her form as Harmony traced the column of buttons from Autumn’s waste to her bosom. The highest button was surrounded by strained fabric as Autumn’s cleavage was displayed prominently, her breasts pushed together by the pale pink bra seen under her blouse.  Autumn’s sensual curves were highlighted by her dark, form hugging jeans, covered up partly by her server’s apron.  Harmony followed the serpentine curves of Autumn’s lower figure down to her cute sneakers.  Autumn was flattered that her figure had impressed Harmony.

Finally Harmony looked back to Autumn’s gorgeous brown eyes.  Harmony asked “How are you?” Sandy took her ticket and moved on to the condiments, not wanting to be shown off by Harmony.

“I’m doing well. I haven’t seen you for ages, how have you been?” replied Autumn
“I’m wonderful, I’m here with my girlfriend, Sandy,” Harmony said as she motioned towards Sandy.  “I can’t believe you’re here, we need to catch up!” exclaimed Harmony.

“I’m working the morning shift, I’m off in an hour ... do you mind if I join you for lunch?” said Autumn.

Harmony looked over at Sandy.  Sandy held her arms crossed in front of her bosom and then moved them outwards, signaling an obvious “no.”

“Sure, I’d love for you to join us,” said Harmony.

Sandy’s head dropped, admitting defeat.  

Harmony and Sandy eagerly awaited their food.  Autumn soon joined them in the waiting area as she examined Sandy from head to tow.  Sandy was dressed a bit oddly, perhaps it was laundry day, but her massive chest was still clearly visible through her t-shirt. Autumn questioned whether Harmony spoke of Sandy as her girlfriend or her “girlfriend.”  Which was it?

“Looks like our food is ready, let’s find a booth,” said Harmony.

Autumn lead the group of women to her favorite booth.  She sat down and stretched her legs across the bench, forcing Harmony and Sandy to occupy the other side together.

Sandy, immensely hungry, pulled the bun off the top of her burger and pulled the slices of pickles off one-by-one, feeling a sudden craving for their vinegar infused taste as she prepared to savor them.  

Harmony and Autumn exchanged accounts of their lives since graduating high school as Sandy began to devour her lunch. After 10 minutes of verbal pong, Autumn stared deeply into Harmony’s eyes and said, “You know, my life was changed forever that night, and I think it changed for the better.  I never thanked you and I hope you can forgive me for that.”  Autumn knew that Harmony would understand exactly what she meant.

Sandy, suddenly alerted to Autumn’s past, immediately diverted her attention from her burger to Autumn’s seductive brown eyes.  An intense fear set in as Sandy’s eyes started to tear up.  Sandy had come to the realization that she may never revert back to her former self.

Sandy’s pouty lips stood out from a mixture of ketchup, yellow mustard, and mayonnaise that had polluted her face.  She had managed to spill much of the mixture onto the shelf created by her breasts.

Harmony looked on as Autumn suddenly began to giggle, focusing on Sandy’s mustard laden chest.  Wanting to know what was so humorous, Harmony followed the path of Autumn’s line of vision to the burger debris.  Sandy noticed the sudden attention and looked down to find her shirt littered with the surplus of her hearty sandwich.  

Before Sandy could grab the napkin from her lap, Harmony was in action.  “Here, let me get that for you honey,” she said as she grabbed a napkin and dabbed it in water.  Harmony held Sandy’s chin up with the curled trigger finger of her left hand as she cleaned Sandy’s face with the napkin in her right hand.  After clearing the debris from Sandy’s face, she progressed to Sandy’s shirt.  She rewetted the napkin and continued to wipe the residue from Sandy’s shirt, noticing how soft and supple Sandy’s breasts seemed under the constrictive grasp of her t-shirts.  This confused Autumn even more; surely some attraction must exist between Harmony and Sandy.

Sandy, both frightened and thoroughly embarrassed, didn’t need the help.  Harmony’s caring attention made her feel helpless, powerless; it was emasculating.

“There, all cleaned up,” said Harmony as Sandy peered into Harmony’s blue eyes. Harmony had used Sandy’s embarrassing moment to distract against Autumn’s comment.  It hadn’t worked.  All three girls were perfectly aware of the moment Autumn mentioned.  The fluorescent pink elephant was back.

“Hey!” exclaimed Harmony, trying to change the subject, “We’re going to shops to get Chu.... Sandy some new clothes.  Would you care to join us?” said Harmony.  Sandy’s eyes rolled; how much more attention could she take today?

“Yes, I’d love to.  How about I meet you there right after I get off work?” said Autumn.

“Perfect, we’ll see you then,” said Harmony.  Autumn rose from the booth and retreated to the bistro’s kitchen.  Both Sandy and Harmony watched the hypnotizing gate of Autumn’s bottom as she pranced behind the counter.

“So, I’m guessing you figured it out,” said Harmony.

“Umm... yeah. It was pretty obvious.  Looks like you do good work,” teased Sandy as she apprehensively admired her own curves again.  She was in the initial stages of accepting her cursed destiny.

Hoping to cheer Sandy up, Harmony softly grasped Sandy’s chin and raised her head, her thumb softly stroking Sandy’s cheek.  “Why don’t you finish your lunch and we’ll get a head start on the shops,” suggested Harmony.  Sandy was quickly reminded that they would be joined by Autumn, but it was too difficult to be worried after seeing Harmony’s radiant smile.

Sandy was getting full, but wished she had surplus pickles with ketchup and mustard to indulge in.  Not wanting to appear odd, she looked up from her meal and resigned, “I think I’m full.”

“You certainly should be,” said Harmony.  “I was sure you were quite hungry, so I didn’t want to say anything when you ordered.  However, you’ll have to be more careful about what you eat from now on - I doubt your body will be able to cope with your past appetite.”

Sandy looked down at her hips, tracing their curve with her hands.  Harmony was right; she would need to change her diet to accommodate her new form.

“Can we just go home?  I don’t want to go to the shops today,” complained Sandy.

“Remember why we’re going in the first place?  You have nothing to wear. You can’t even lounge around in your old male clothes as none of them will come near to fitting you.  Besides, you may enjoy it.  Let’s go,” said Harmony.

Sandy watched as Harmony gracefully vacated the booth and attempted to do the same herself.  She still struggled with her new balance, but was starting to get the hang of moving more femininely.  Again, Sandy satiated in the view of Harmony’s swaying and toned buttocks as they walked out to Harmony’s car.

The girls entered the car and made their way for the shops.  Sandy was eager and frightened to see what was in store for her.


1:57 PM

Sandy’s unsupported breasts jounced up and down as Harmony’s stiffly suspended hatchback tromped over the bumps in the road.   The two women had been strategizing, debating, and contemplating how to close out Chuck’s life and begin Sandy’s.  Sandy was having trouble letting go of her male artifacts.

Sandy explained her past.  Chuck’s parents had passed away due to a car accident when he was 15 years old.  Both of his parent’s were only children.  After his parent’s died, Chuck spent the time until he was 18 in foster care.  He worked full time through college and hadn’t made many friends.  None of the friend’s he did have were particularly close.  Chuck’s coworkers were now the closest friends he had and weren’t much more than acquaintances.  Only his friend Mark had grown closer and knew more about Chuck than anyone else.

Harmony and Sandy had decided to pack up Chuck’s belongings and put them into long-term storage.  Harmony’s flat was a modern large two-bedroom affair with an incredible view, perfect to share with a room mate.  They decided Sandy would move in with Harmony to start her new life.  Chuck’s credit cards would be used to fund Sandy’s new wardrobe - after all, Chuck wouldn’t be needing them anytime soon; with the cards in default, and Chuck gone, the card holders would be forced to sort it out themselves.  They would leave a note with Chuck’s landlord, explaining that he could no longer occupy the flat or fulfill the lease.  Tomorrow, they would draft Chuck’s letter of resignation to his employer.  Chuck’s life would be dissolved as Sandy’s bloomed.

“Harmony, why aren’t you at work today?” questioned Sandy, wondering how Harmony could be so involved with Sandy’s predicament on a weekday.

“I don’t really ‘work.'  I volunteer at the animal shelter a few hours during the week, but other than that, I don’t have a vocation,” explained Harmony.

“Then how do you bring in money?” responded a befuddled and curious Sandy.

The car hit another big bump, the elevation of Sandy’s bust fluctuated opposite of the car’s bouncing motion.  Her breasts were feeling slightly sore.

“The answer to that question comes with a bit more of my story, honey,” replied Harmony.  

“I never knew my parents.  My mom died when she gave birth to me.  I was raised by my aunt.  She was a traveling journalist and really wasn’t around much later in my childhood.  I was left to fend for myself through most of my teen years.” Harmony recounted.  

“What about your father?” asked Sandy.

“I don’t know anything about him.  My aunt told me that he had dated my mom for three weeks and suddenly disappeared.  No one heard from him again.  My mom became pregnant with me shortly after his disappearance,” said Harmony.  

“When my mom died, she left a large sum of money for my aunt and I in a trust fund.  My aunt managed it until I was 18, at which time it would become mine.  My aunt was an incredibly savvy investor, so the fund continues to grow.  When my aunt died, she left her wealth and belongings to me.  Despite my weekly deductions from the fund, its wealth continues to expand,” said Harmony as she smiled at Sandy.  “Regardless of my wealth, I try to live a humble life and give back when I can.”

“Looks like we’ve arrived,” said Harmony with excitement as she pulled into the car lot.  The car heaved while bounding into the car park, causing Sandy to grasp her tender chest.


2:32 PM

Harmony lead Sandy into the shops, Sandy’s breasts bobbing slightly with the velocity of her stride.  Walking in flip-flops made it hard to keep up with Harmony’s pace.

“You’re going to feel a lot more comfortable when we get you some appropriate support.  Let’s get you measured,” insisted an eager Harmony.  Sandy resisted with every step as Harmony tugged at her arm, dragging her toward the shop.

They entered Harmony’s favorite underwear store and found the nearest associate.  “Hi Dawn, can yo get my friend Sandy measured and fitted?” said Harmony.  

Dawn took Sandy and Harmony to the back fitting room and pulled out her measuring tape.  “Hi Sandy, my name is Dawn and I’ll be fitting you today.  Can you please remove your shirt?” said Dawn.

“Well, this is it, no turning back,” whispered Sandy to herself.

“What?” said Dawn.

“Oh, nothing, just talking to myself,” said Sandy.

Begrudgingly, Sandy removed her first shirt with ease and struggled to remove the second, smaller shirt that had hopelessly attempted to provide some measure of support.  As the shirt came off, Sandy’s soft, supple, breasts resumed their massive perky state.  Dawn’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped as Sandy’s bust was revealed.

“OK, here we go.” Dawn stammered.  “This will only hurt a bit,” she teased.  The measuring tape travelled the curvy circumferences of Sandy’s body, slightly cold to the touch.  Dawn, doubting her first results, repeated the process.  Completing the second round of data collection, she paused and then leaned back.  “Oh my, 32HH - 28 - 41” exclaimed Dawn.  “I’ll see if we have anything for you in the storeroom.”  Dawn disappeared into the back room.

Sandy peered back at Harmony, worried that she had become some sort of female freak. “Don’t worry, honey, you’re gorgeous and well endowed.  Most women would kill for a rack and curves like yours,” said Harmony, trying to comfort Sandy.  

Dawn returned with a number of bras and matching panties.  “Try these on, I think you’ll like them.  There’s a private room over there,” said Dawn.

Sandy bit her lower lip as she took hold of the undergarments.  She gazed at Harmony with a worried, discomforting glint in her eyes.  “Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll help you out,” said Harmony.  The women migrated to the dressing room, Sandy feeling emasculated again.

Sandy grabbed the first bra, a padded navy blue number with lacy accents and a white lace bow where the cups plunged to meet the band.  She attempted to mount the bra the best she knew how, but failed to clasp the hooks in back.  “Here, let me help you,” said Harmony.  Harmony closed the hooks and adjusted the cups around Sandy’s bosom, making sure the straps weren’t too tight or too loose.  “This looks pretty good, what do you think?” said Harmony.

Sandy turned and admired the shape of her bust in the mirror.  She was drop-dead gorgeous, her male instincts shouting from within that the woman in the mirror was a total knockout.  “Here, try the matching panties.  Just slip them over the panties you have on now,” said Harmony.

Sandy obeyed, slipping off her leggings, exposing her long, thick thighs, and drawing the matching blue panties over them.  She turned towards the mirror, facing it perpendicularly this time, and struck a sexy pose, her luscious lips puckered in a pre-kiss state. This once again satisfied her male instincts within.  However, as a woman, she was finally starting to feel comfortable in her new skin.

The two women spent another hour in the store, sorting through all sorts of bras, panties, skirts, and blouses with Dawn’s help.  Harmony helped Sandy fit each bra, caressing her bosom with each successful bra fitting.  Sandy was starting to wonder if there might be something more to Harmony’s interest in her undergarments.


3:52 PM

Sandy, still dressed in the leggings Harmony had provided, now wore a proper supporting sports bra under her single t-shirt.  She felt this outfit dressed her properly without being too feminine, her sports bra masking her bulging bust.  She handed Dawn a credit card from Chuck’s wallet.  Dawn swiped the card and then checked the front to examine the card holder name field.  “Excuse me sweetie, but this isn’t it your credit card,” said Dawn.

“Oh don’t worry Dawn, it’s Sandy’s birthday and her boyfriend asked me to treat her to a new wardrobe at his expense,” quickly retorted Harmony.  

“Well, since it’s you, I’ll let it fly, Harmony,” said Dawn as she handed the receipt for Sandy to sign.  Sandy signed Chuck’s name to the receipt, but noticed she couldn’t perfectly replicate the signature of her formerly male self.  Her handwriting looked more precise, flowing.  It looked more feminine.

Autumn finally arrived, excited to be able to offer her fashionable opinion.  “Hi Autumn!” said Harmony.  “I’m glad you made it.  We’re going to need your opinion on some outfits.” Harmony winked at Autumn.  “Let’s head off to another store.”  Despite Sandy’s protests, the trio began to explore the rest of the shops.

“Why don’t you two continue shopping, I’ll run these bags out to the car.  I’ve got an errand to run as well.  Let’s meet back here in an hour,” said Harmony.  She had a deviant glimmer in her eyes.

“Sure, I’d love to get to know Sandy!” said Autumn.

Harmony picked up the multiple bags filled to the brim with women’s garments and strutted away.  Both Sandy and Autumn admired her gate as she trotted off into the distance.  Both women became startled as they simultaneously caught each other staring at Harmony’s exquisite curves.  


4:10 PM

“I know your secret,” muttered Autumn.

“What secret?” said Sandy in a concerned voice.

“It didn’t immediately come to me, but I figured it out,” said Autumn in a low, almost whispering voice.  “When you came into the bistro, you were dressed in clothing that had no intention of dealing with your curves.  You were timid, not at all confident, which is odd given the stellar body you’ve been blessed with,” said Autumn as she made a hand gesture, suggesting lifting of large weight on one’s chest.  

“Then there was your lunch order.  No woman orders that.  I do remember a guy that would order that quite often though.  You don’t move like a woman, but your walk isn’t quite masculine.  It’s like you’re trying to be graceful, but struggling,” said Autumn as she demonstrated Sandy’s clumsy stride.

“Had you been with any other girl, I would have figured you for some weird home schooled bombshell, but you came here with Harmony.  And as you probably guessed, I know all about Harmony.  I’ve been through what you’re going through.  I know more about your new self than you do.  So, how do you feel in your new body, Sandy?” questioned Autumn.

“Umm, that’s a little forward,” replied Sandy as she confirmed Autumn’s suspicion.  Autumn must have gone through all of this, she was the perfect ally to have right now.   Sandy accepted Autumn’s accusations as fact. “It’s all a bit weird.  I’m having trouble dealing with my new center of balance, I have weird urges, I’m sore, I.. I’m ... I’m a woman,” said Sandy, submitting to her outcome as her eyes teared slightly.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get through this.  The quicker you accept your female form, the faster you’ll recover and the more you’ll start to realize the benefits of having a pair of tits,” joked Autumn as she hoisted her chest with her hands.  She contemplated how to best work Sandy into a more feminine mindset.  “Let’s teach you how to walk in heels!”

“No.  No heels!” demanded Sandy.

“Come on, you’ve got to submit to your feminine self eventually.  Remember, I’ve been through all this.  What’s alien and unknown to you is familiar territory to me,” explained Autumn.  “The sooner you give in, the more you’ll enjoy your new life.  Now, you can sit there and take pity on yourself, or you can spend the next hour with a beautiful woman, exploring your new gender.  Let’s go,” she demanded.

“I’m not wearing heels!” demanded Sandy.  She wasn’t ready to come to full term with fate.  “Let’s just get this shopping over with so I can go home.  I feel like everyone is staring at me.”

The two women visited many different shops, compromising on every bit of attire they discovered.  While Sandy insisted on drab, loose, unflattering garments, Autumn demanded for fitting, curve hugging, loud selections that exploited Sandy’s figure.  The cost of compromise took a tole on Chuck’s credit card as they expensed clothes ranging from loose and relaxing to tight and sexy.  Autumn managed to slip in a few pairs of heels without Sandy taking notice.  Finally, they collected the proper wardrobe and headed back to the rendezvous point.

Harmony was already there, waiting with two bags in her hands.  “I bought you a surprise, can you go try it on?” she said as she handed Sandy the bag from her left hand.  Sandy apprehensively took the bag and headed into the undergarment shop they had began in with Harmony and Autumn in tow.

“Hi Dawn, Harmony asked me to change into some clothes she purchased for me, I’ll be out in a minute,” Sandy said.  

From the bag, she pulled out a white bra, tweed skirt, plaid blouse, 2” heels, and two scrunchies.  “What is with these women and their heels?” she thought angrily.

“I’m not wearing this!” Sandy shouted.

“Please, just do it for us!” pleaded Autumn.

“You’ll look gorgeous, just give it a try,” said Harmony.

Feeling pressured, Sandy gave in.  First, she attempted to fit the scrunchies - why were there two?  Sandy discarded one and attempted to tie her hair into a ponytail.  “At least it won’t get in the way so much,” she thought.  She pried her lycra leggings from her thighs and pulled the tweed skirt over her white panties.  The skirt hugged her hips and bum, terminating just halfway down her thick thighs.  “This is awful, why are they making me do this?” she questioned.  Next, she removed her t-shirt and sports bra; she then fitted the white bra Harmony had provided, now able to connect the hooks behind her back.  The bra pushed her breasts together and boosted her cleavage.  “If I were still a guy, I’d think this was hot,” she imagined.  In her current state, cleavage was the last thing she wanted to show off.  She pulled her arms through the plaid shirt, attempting to button the shirt from the base.  She was defeated as she tried to button the shirt above her bosom, the shirt just didn’t have the capacity to house her stupendous chest.

Next, she slipped on the heels.  They were terribly uncomfortable and difficult to balance in.  “I said no heels!” she shouted from the dressing room.

“Just humor us,” said Harmony.

Sandy turned sideways to see her new shape in the mirror.  Her male instincts leapt to the forefront of her mind and insisted that a woman of perfection was looking back at her.  She slowly turned 180º, stumbling in the heels.  Two thoughts coexisted in her female mind as she admired her curves in the mirror: humiliation that she would be seen like this and pride in the exquisite form of her body.  Still, she couldn’t suppress the dreadful feeling that she would be trapped in this body for the rest of her life.

Sandy emerged from the dressing room.  Both Harmony and Autumn clapped as she stumbled in her new outfit.  “You look amazing!” said Harmony.  “Crank the dial to 11, you’re gorgeous!” said Autumn.  This did much to raise Sandy’s self-esteem.

“Are you sure?  I feel a bit exposed.  Can’t I just put the t-shirt and leggings on again?” Sandy protested.  “I definitely don’t want to be in these heels.”

“Nonsense, you look fabulous!” said Autumn. “Remember what I said about giving into your female life?  This is your first step.”

“Let’s head to the pub to celebrate,” said Harmony.  The pub was the last place Sandy wanted to be seen, the emotion shown desperately upon her face. “We’ll go for happy hour and then head home to relax.”

“Ahh, come-on, Sandy, it’ll be great!  She needs to show you off,” said Autumn, knowing that Harmony had taken Sandy under wing.

Sandy submitted to the demands of the two women.  Autumn couldn’t attend, as she had prior engagements with school.  Harmony invited her to attend ‘Chuck’s’ moving out party the next morning - the two women were going to need much help to clear Chuck’s apartment.  Autumn happily agreed.


5:10 PM

“So, you hit it off with Autumn,” said Harmony, driving toward the pub.  “She’s a great girl, a wonderful friend.”

“She’s taking to the female life impressively,” teased Sandy.

They arrived at the pub - the same pub that Sandy’s life changing event had occurred.  “Can we go to a different pub?” said Sandy.

“Nonsense, this pub is great.  Besides, you look ravishing, it’s time to show off your new look,” said Sandy.

The two women enjoyed happy hour drinks and appetizers while sitting at the bar, attracting massive attention from all the blokes within.  Harmony noticed Sandy’s strange preferences in food - Sandy seemed to love pickles with ketchup, but had lost her male affection for beef.  She seemed picky, but had urges for odd combinations of food.  Harmony attributed this to Sandy’s stressful changes.

Sandy felt exposed, uncomfortable the whole time, but put up with it to appease Harmony.  Sandy could feel the piercing attention of various men in the bar, like needles poking at her.  Particularly, Sandy had drawn the attention of a familiar gentleman.  

It was Mark and he was drunk.  

Mark drew up next to Sandy at the bar.  “Mark, I’m not interested, please go away,” demanded Sandy.

“Herw do you now my nerm?” said Mark.  “Do I kner you?  ‘Cause you lerk I a lot like me nerxt girlfriend” said an inebriated Mark.

“I guessed, there are many blokes named Mark.  Now, please, stop staring at my chest and go away!” said Sandy.  She felt incredibly uncomfortable in her female form.  The last thing she wanted to happen today was to be chatted up by a guy.

Mark didn’t give up, he raised his hand signaling for the bartender.  “I’d lerk to buy these two ladies and I a shert of whiskey,” said Mark.

The bartender poured shots of Jameson and placed them in front of the three patrons.  Harmony and Sandy watched as mark tipped his shot glass towards them.  “To beaurtiful lasses!” he said, spilling some of the whiskey as he attempted to consume it in one gulp.  He slammed his shot glass down, his hand careening into to the shot glass placed in front of Sandy.

The whiskey spilled into Sandy’s lap, her tweed skirt quickly soaking up the alcohol.  “Great, you’ve ruined my brand new skirt,” she shouted, not immediately realizing that she had taken pride in her feminine wardrobe.

“Whert’s wrong, you’re looking a bert sad and gloomy.  Whert you need is some vertamin me,” retorted Mark with another terrible pickup line.

The bartender noticed and stepped in.  “Alright, Mark, you’re out.  It’s not even 6 PM and your sloshed.  Get out!” he said.

Harmony and Sandy watched as he raised from his stool.  He immediately fell to the ground, slamming his head against the steel framework of the barstool.  Bleeding slightly, Mark attempted to get up, clawing at the stool.  

“Where’s Churck, I hopes she’s all right, I wish she were here to herlp me out,” he said.

The two women looked at each other in awe, wondering if Mark knew Sandy’s secret.  They quickly attributed his use of the feminine pronoun to the drunken slurring of his speech.

Sandy looked down and felt pity for the guy.  She couldn’t let him leave in this condition.  “Do you mind if we escort him out,” she said to Harmony.  

“Alright, he’s your friend.” Harmony said.

The two women placed their arms around Mark’s waist as they helped him up.  The trio staggered out of the bar.  “Thanks ladies, I thirnk I had a bit ter much to drink!” he said, his head hung towards Sandy’s bosom.

Infuriated, Sandy propped Mark’s left side up as they exited the door. Why was he so drunk so early in the evening?  Why had he been so rude to her?

As they walked into the daylight, Mark continued to stumble while in support of the two women.  “We can’t just leave him here,” said Sandy, “he’s my mate.”

As she said this, Mark turned his gaze from Sandy’s open blouse to her luscious lips, puckered, and kissed her as his left hand grazed her chest.  He felt an intense electric charge from Sandy’s lips, almost as if someone had connected a pair of jumper leads to his mouth.

Mark’s support gave away as Sandy released her grip and slapped him in the face.  She was disgusted.  “You jerk, why did you do that?” she said in anger as Mark began to fade from consciousness.

“Did he just kiss you?” said Harmony.

“I think he did.  It felt pretty weird.” said Sandy.

“Are you sure?  Did you feel a shock?” said Harmony.

“Umm, yeah, why?”

“We need to get him out of here.  Now,” commanded Harmony.


7:22 PM

Harmony and Sandy loaded Mark into the back of Harmony’s car.  Harmony immediately started the car and drove to her flat.  Sandy couldn’t believe how quickly she had negotiated the turns.  Her inputs were precise, her gear changes were conducted in perfect heel-toe fashion.  Chuck would have been impressed.

“What’s up? Why are we going so quickly?” asked Sandy.

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen to your friend.  He may be fine, he may not.  The best thing we can do is get him to a safe place,” said Harmony with concern.

“Do you think ... do you think I’ve cursed him?” questioned Sandy.

“I don’t know, but it’s best that we be proactive about it.  If we’re lucky, he wakes up his own self in a girl’s bed - he’ll be ecstatic.  If we aren’t so lucky ... well, we’ve got another day of shopping ahead of us.” teased Harmony with a sense of frightful concern.

“So, how did it feel?” Harmony questioned.

“How did what feel?” responded Sandy, confused.

“How did it feel to be the center of attention, chatted up by rude men?  How did it feel having a guy make sexual advances towards you based only on your looks with no consideration for your feelings or personality?” questioned Harmony, wondering if Sandy had now realized the error of Chuck’s ways.

“Awful.  I’d rather not talk about it right now,” said Sandy with a sense of sorrow in her voice.


7:38 PM

Harmony and Sandy had just felled Mark into Harmony’s guest bed.  He was still passed out and had no sign of coming to soon.

“Well, now all we can do is wait,” said Harmony with concern.  “Let’s relax and catch a movie on the couch.  You can get changed in the bathroom down the hall.”

Sandy rummaged through the bags of her new wardrobe for a more relaxing outfit.  She pulled out some boy shorts, the closest thing she had to a pair of boxers.  She then grasped a pair of form hugging sweatpants, a comfortable pink bra, and a loose t-shirt.  In the bathroom, she struggled to put on the bra, but remembered Harmony’s advice and successfully closed the metal clasps.  The rest of her relaxing outfit went on easily.  She desperately wished to be back in her male clothes.

Harmony threw on a pair of lycra leggings, a black push-up bra, and a tight pink t-shirt.

The two women regrouped in the living room.  Harmony sat on the end of the couch and patted her lap, signaling for Sandy to sit.  “Here, honey, why don’t you stretch out and relax.  You’ve had a long day,” she said.  Sandy tensely sat on the center cushion, stretching her legs to the other end of the sofa as she laid her head in Harmony’s lap.  She felt strangely comfortable in Harmony’s embrace, her male instincts causing her to become slightly aroused.

Harmony started the movie, a sci-fi comedy, as the two proceeded to relax.  Slowly, Harmony brushed the locks of hair away from Sandy’s face.  She ran her fingers through Sandy’s long blond hair.  Sandy thought nothing more of this than friendly, feminine, caressing.

Harmony’s touch graduated from Sandy’s blond hair to the soft skin of her arms.  She lightly stroked her forearms as the movie progressed.  Sandy, enjoying the light touch of Harmony’s fingertips, shifted from laying on her side to laying on her back, her arms crossed over her supported breasts.  Harmony’s fingertips continued to stroke Sandy’s forearms.

“Harmony, I’m a bit confused,” Sandy said, looking past Harmony’s bust and into her eyes.  The emotions on Sandy’s face told Harmony all she needed to know about the topic Sandy was wrestling with.

“Well, honey, when you’ve lived most of your adult life with this curse, you learn to improvise, make compromises.  I’ve come to find the female form exquisite, seductive, and entrancing.  And you’re the epitome of those realizations.” Harmony explained in a soft, sultry voice.  This satisfied Sandy’s curiosity as her gaze turned towards the movie again.  Finally, Sandy’s male and female emotions were singing in, every pun intended, harmony.

Soon, Harmony’s caressing fingertips graced new territories of Sandy’s body.  First, her fingertips lightly tickled Sandy’s abdomen.  Later, they circled to caress the outlines of Sandy’s face.  Finally, they migrated to Sandy’s bosom, lightly grazing her nipples.  This alerted Sandy and caused her to look away from the movie and deep within Harmony’s eyes.  Sandy was lustfully lost within her gaze.  

Harmony’s delicate hand migrated south and retreated north again, cupping Sandy’s breast from underneath her t-shirt.  Sandy, feeling helpless, decided not to fight it. Harmony was Chuck’s dream girl, and communicatively, now her dream girl.  Sandy moaned slightly as her nipples grew erect.  She shifted again, away from the movie and towards Harmony.  She propped herself up on the couch as she faced Harmony, staring into her eyes, and leaned in to sample Harmony’s luscious red lips.

As their lips touched, both women let out a light sigh, and then a deeper moan.  Sandy caressed Harmony’s breasts as Harmony’s hand again traveled south, grasping her bum tightly.  Sandy wrapped her arms hands around Harmony as the two continued to lose themselves within each other.  Harmony felt the perimeter of her bra violated as Sandy’s hand crept up to cup her breast.  


8:51 PM

The two women fondled each other as their lustful intentions progressed.  Sandy’s moans grew louder as her new female urges took over.  Harmony embraced the hybrid male and female instincts that Sandy had subjected her to.  They made out on the couch, sensual vocals originating from both women.

Another moan was heard, this one deeper and darker.  They ignored it as they progressed further.  “Why don’t we head to the bedroom?” whispered Harmony.

Sandy moaned in contention, looked into Harmony’s eyes, and said, “Are we going to continue this,” never ceasing to explore Harmony’s body.

Harmony moaned again, “Mmm Yes we shale,” she said smiling into Sandy’s beautiful eyes.

Another sensual moan was heard.  It didn’t originate from the couch.  

Harmony grabbed Sandy’s hand and lead her toward her bedroom.  “We’re almost there,” she said.  As they sensuously swayed past the guest room and approached the door to Harmony’s room, they once again heard the moan, this time, it had a tinge of pain in it.

They peaked into the guest room.  Mark was shifting about the bed.  He was in serious, throbbing pain.


To be continued.
A few too many drinks leads to a "slight" change in life style.

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What's going to happen next?
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For example, it seems unnatural for him to adopt female fashion so quickly. Just for the beginning, it seems like he should be sticking with the most androgynous clothing he can find that fits. E.g. jeans and a t-shirt - just in a woman's cut instead. Or a blouse and slacks or some such. Wearing female clothes at all seems like it should just be a matter of comfort for him. Stuff which is straight out uncomfortable/awkward/taboo for men such as skirts, dresses, heels, etc. should probably be avoided.
Also, I'd say he should probably push for "Chuck" to still be used in private.
And finally, I feel like there should probably be a degree of repulsion and fear when he realises Autumn's nature - a chilling vision of things to come. He sees what he could end up as - completely female in every respect - and wants to avoid it.

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